Be a Pathway of Hope

Tomorrow, I have the great opportunity to stand in front of a roomful of Oklahoma leaders and talk to them about the science of hope.

The scientific definition of hope is as follows: “Hope is the belief that your future can be better and brighter than your past, and that you actually have a role to play in making that happen.”

The growing research around the topic of hope shows us that hope can be measured.

And if hope can be measured, then hope can be taught.

And if hope can be taught, then hope can be developed.

And if hope can be developed, then hope can be nurtured.

And when hope is nurtured, research reveals that the effects of trauma can be mitigated, communities can be made stronger, and individuals experience increased resiliency.

So, hope matters.

If you want to dive into hope theory and learn why hope matters so much, then I highly recommend the following book:

But here’s my favorite statement about hope from the research findings about hope:

“Each of us is a pathway of hope to the people around us, so be mindful of how you impact the hope of others.”

You are a pathway of hope to others.

So, what are you doing with that truth?

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