What Do You Want to Accomplish This Week?

So, what do you want to accomplish this week?

What is the one thing – that, if you completed – would make this a productive week?

What is the one thing – that, if you checked it off your list – would make you breathe a bit easier?

Here’s a simple formula to help you make that happen: (1) select; (2) steps; (3) schedule.


What is that one thing you want to get done this week?

Maybe it’s a project at work that you want to complete before the deadline.

Maybe it’s something you’ve been putting off that you finally want to get done so you can move on to something else.

Maybe it’s a presentation that you want to knock out of the park.

Maybe it’s an exercise program you want to start.

Maybe it’s a phone/Facetime/Zoom call with a friend or family member.

Select one thing – just one – to focus on accomplishing this week.


Now that you’ve selected that one thing you want to accomplish this week, what are the steps you need to take to get it done?

Take some time to write out each step that is needed to complete your goal.

Be specific and detailed when writing out those steps.


Next, schedule out each step on your calendar.

Even if it’s a personal goal, schedule it on your calendar just as you would a work project or meeting.

Even if your “to-do” is to call your parents, schedule the day and time that you will make that call.

Remember, what doesn’t get scheduled usually doesn’t get done.

If you’ll invest 10-15 minutes to select the one thing you want to accomplish this week, identify the necessary steps to complete the goal, and schedule when you will take those steps, you will have positioned yourself to end the week with a tremendous feeling of accomplishment.

As my friend Sid says, “Make it happen!”

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