1 Thing

It’s Monday, the start of another work week.

And your calendar is full, your to-do list looks overwhelming, and your mind is trying to process exactly how you’re going to get everything done that needs to get done this week.

I get it.

But, may I ask you to add one more thing to your “in box”?

This one thing will actually boost your energy, not drain it.

This one thing will motivate you, not burden you.

This one thing will become a catalyst that propels you to greater productivity.

And here it is…

Serve one person this week in an intentional and thoughtful way.

Maybe it’s helping a co-worker finish a project.

Maybe it’s offering to help a neighbor.

Maybe it’s taking dinner to someone who’s had a rough time lately.

Maybe it’s inviting a young mom or young dad to lunch and encouraging them.

Maybe it’s sending a hand-written note to someone you want to encourage.

Maybe it’s bringing coffee or bagels to your co-workers.

Maybe it’s volunteering in a church ministry.

Serving others increases joy, energy, and productivity.

It also improves perspective.

When you do something meaningful for someone else, your own sense of meaning is enhanced.

And, you realize that there is more to life than your weekly to-do list.

So, what one thing will you do for someone else this week?

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