Decide & Thrive

Here’s some inspiring advice from Michael Redd, a former professional basketball player in the NBA who is also an accomplished entrepreneur…

A lot of people have trouble understanding that, in sports, business, and life … mindset is just as important (maybe more) as experience and physical discipline.

No matter what you’re trying to do, you’re not gonna make it if your head’s not right.

Before anything happens, you have to make a decision. That’s it, that’s the whole game.

Unless you decide, nothing happens.

But once you decide, once you make an unalterable decision, you’ve won.

You’ve won, because the mindset that it takes to decide, to throw off all other options, to pursue one goal with everything you’ve got, to never quit until you’ve reached it … that’s the mindset that will give you the greatest shot at success.

Make a decision. Put on the blinders. Don’t look back. 

See how high and far you can fly.


So, to what decision do you need to commit so that you can thrive?

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