Getting Better!

One night a week I facilitate fatherhood workshops for a group called TRUE DADS. Our goal is to improve outcomes for children by teaching vital parenting skills to fathers so that they can be present in their child’s life in a way that is positive, productive, and healthy.

In these workshops, we talk about how to communicate well, how to decrease violence, how to problem solve, how to create an environment that is both physically and emotionally healthy, and much more.

Last week, one of the fathers in the class told us how he had put into practice the things he has been learning and he excitedly said, “I’m getting better!”

It was so fun to see his face light up.

But isn’t that what happens when we feel ourselves improving?

We get excited and we are inspired to keep getting better!

But getting better requires…

That we show up.

That we do the work.

That we make the changes we need to make.

That we adopt a different mindset.

That we surround ourselves with people who help us reach our goals.

That we “unlearn” bad behavior patterns.

That we learn better behavior patterns and habits.

That we stay at it.

Getting better also requires a vision of what we want to do and who we want to be.

Once we have that vision in mind, we can then put together a plan based on the actions we need to take in order to make that vision a reality.

So, what do you want to accomplish or change?

Who do you want to be or become?

Write it down.

Gather the support you need.

Put your plan into action.

Start by taking one step this week in the direction of your goals.

Then, you will also be able to excitedly proclaim: “I’m getting better!”

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