Sometimes, You Need to Wear Jeans

Last week, one of our beloved church members passed away. He was a good man who I was proud to count as a friend.

Nearly every Sunday to church he wore boots, blue jeans, a button-up dress shirt, and a blazer (usually, a navy blue one). It was a classic look that fit his personality.

So, I decided to wear the same outfit (minus the boots) to officiate his funeral as my own personal tribute to him.

I did the same thing on Sunday as another nod to him and to let his family know that I was still thinking about him and them.

But to my surprise, a few other men did the same thing.

And this man’s family noticed!

After the worship service was over, his wife of 52 years sought me out and gave me the biggest hug.

She stepped back and looked at me, beaming, with a huge smile on her face and tears in her eyes.

She said, “You wore this for Orville; and did you see the other men who did the same thing?”

“I did,” I replied. “And we did it to show our love for him and you.”

She leaned back into the hug.

I rarely – and I mean rarely – wear jeans in the pulpit when I preach.

But sometimes, you need to wear jeans!

3 thoughts on “Sometimes, You Need to Wear Jeans

  1. Rusty, thank you for honoring my Dad! Your actions and words have been a huge comfort to
    us! We also treasure Lee for leading the beautiful hymns! Alemeda Church of Christ is a very Christ centered and loving church family. We are all richly blessed!

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