How Do You Celebrate God?

An interesting question was recently posed to me:

How do you celebrate what God is doing in your life?

My first thought was, “Am I doing this?”

And the answer is, “Probably not enough.”

But when I do celebrate what God is doing in my life, there are four main ways that I do it:

  1. Thanksgiving
  2. Tout
  3. Tell
  4. Trust

The first way I celebrate God is by thanking him for his presence and work in my life. This usually comes in the form of prayer. Often, I will use some of the psalms of thanksgiving to give me the words and/or prompts to express my thanks to God. Here are some inspiring passages from those psalms that are very helpful for this purpose: 7:17, 9:1, 34:1-3, 44:8, 56:12, 69:30, 75:1, 86:12, 95:1-2, 100:4, 105:1-3, 107:8-9, 118:19, 136:1, 138:1-2

The second way is by touting God’s deeds and power through songs of praise. One of my favorite things to do is to play worship music while I drive, where I can sing at the top of my lungs, praising God for the goodness He has shown me.

Third, I celebrate God by telling others about God. I will also tell others about my experience with God, which includes ways in which he has worked in my life. Not only is telling others about God a means of celebrating God; it’s also a sign of celebrating God, meaning that if I am not regularly telling others about God then I am not regularly celebrating Him.

Finally, I celebrate God by trusting Him. Celebrating God inspires me to trust God more, and trusting God means that I obey God. So, living for God by doing and being what He has called me to do and be is a chief way of honoring Him.

I want to celebrate God more in my life.

And I bet you do too.

I hope these four tips will help, and I would love to hear from you…

How do you celebrate what God is doing in your life?

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