Daring to Be Different for Christ’s Mission

Many years ago, after completing a graduate degree in Organizational Leadership and having several opportunities to train corporate and non-profit leaders, a friend of mine, who is a true visionary leader, said to me: “Rusty, here’s what I see for your life – with your unique background and experience, you are going to have a platform that reaches beyond the pulpit of a local church. You are going to be able to go into the business world and have an audience with influential leaders in order to be an ambassador for Christ, going into the world rather than waiting for the world to come to you.”

At the time, I couldn’t see it.

Now, it’s happening.

And my friend’s vision for me has come true.

All to the glory of God and for the cause of Christ.

But, in order for it to happen, I had to be willing to do something different and to take a leap of faith through some doors that God was opening for me.

So, I became a co-vocational preacher in an effort to expand my mission field and minister to more and more people.

Not only has this created more opportunities for me, it has created more opportunities for our congregation.

This “move” gave our congregation the financial flexibility we needed to add a new minister to our team who will focus on strengthening the connections we have to one another as brothers and sisters in Christ while we grow in our connection to God.

This is extremely exciting for our church family.

By daring to be different for the mission of Christ, I have become a more effective disciple-maker and Alameda is becoming a stronger congregation who will soon be able to shine the light Christ better and brighter to our community.

So, here’s my question for you…

Is the Holy Spirit daring you to do something different for Christ’s mission?

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