Let Your Life Speak

To this point, I haven’t said anything from the pulpit about the recent Supreme Court decision that ruled against a federal constitutional right to abortion. While I applaud the decision, I have not felt the need to join the “victory lap” that I see many taking for the following reasons:

  1. This decision does not outlaw abortion for elective reasons outright.
  2. I am disgusted by the politics surrounding this inherently moral issue.
  3. The efficacy of God’s moral law is not dependent upon man’s law. Abortion was wrong when the Supreme Court allowed abortion and will still be wrong if the Supreme Court reverses their decision one day. So, while I agree with its decision and respect the authority of the Court, its decisions have no bearing on what I think about God’s moral will.
  4. I know my congregation well and have a good track record of knowing the right time to speak to them about sensitive topics.
  5. I get turned off by “Christians” who seem to have no problem being vocal about their politics, especially when something is going their party’s way, but can’t be bothered to study the Bible with those who want to know about Jesus.

But the biggest reason is because I choose to let my life speak louder than my words.

  1. I have been a preacher for 19 years, so for nearly two decades I have preached about and against abortion, and I have made my case from theological, scientific, and philosophical perspectives. I have been and will continue to be a consistent and effective voice for God’s high regard for life.
  2. I am the father of an adopted daughter, whose beautiful life story could have been very different. For that reason, my connection to the topic of abortion is personal.
  3. My wife and I have been active supporters and proponents of adoption as an alternative to abortion, including financially supporting adoption agencies and personally guiding several couples through the adoption process.
  4. I teach community-based parenting workshops that emphasize the value of all children’s lives and equip parents with skills that result in improved outcomes for children.
  5. I have been and continue to be in the trenches, counseling women and men considering abortion and women and men who made the decision to abort their baby. In every case, I seek to speak Christ’s truth in Christ’s love and lead people to reconciliation with Christ.

As the apostle Paul once wrote, “I must be out of mind to talk like this,” using myself as an example, but here’s the point: Let your life speak.

Of course, we Christians are called to proclaim the teachings of God’s Word with our voices.

But, that proclamation must be confirmed by our actions and “way of being.”

In other words, our lives must preach as loud as our sermons.

That is why I don’t feel the need to rush into the fray of every breaking story – because I know that my life has already spoken volumes.

When your life speaks, you able to differentiate yourself from the anxiety of society., which enables you to advance God’s Kingdom purposes in tangible ways and maintain a consistent witness for the truth of Christ over a long period of time.


Speak out on issues that you care about…

And make sure that you are speaking God’s truth…

But, let your life speak first.

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