Excitement at Alameda

Nearly two years ago, I brought a proposal to the elders at Alameda that I believed would revitalize our church family and re-energize our ministry to our community.

The proposal involved me moving into a co-vocational role that would allow me to have more of a missional impact outside of Alameda and provide Alameda with the financial flexibility to add an experienced Connections Minister to our staff who would guide our attempt to deepen our fellowship with one another post-COVID (even though we really aren’t past COVID completely yet).

The results of this “experiment” have been encouraging and exciting, adding to the enthusiasm that we are seeing throughout all our ministries.

Here’s a snapshot of what is happening at Alameda…

  • Our worship services continue to be joyful, meaningful, and high-quality thanks to the selfless sharing of the talents of our volunteer worship leaders.
  • Our media ministry is having a huge impact on people inside and outside our congregation due to the tireless efforts of our ministry staff and media volunteers. I regularly hear from people who express deep gratitude for our live-streaming services.
  • The youth ministry is on fire right now!
  • The Sooners for Christ ministry is one of the most well-developed, well-organized, and life-changing ministries you will find anywhere.
  • Our children’s ministry hosts wonderful Bible classes and exciting events that our students love, as well as providing many resources that equip and empower parents to be the spiritual champions in their homes that God calls them to be.
  • The Streams of Water Ministry continues to bless the lives of people in our community in the name of Jesus. What a wonderful ministry!
  • FriendSpeak is back at Alameda! Several of our members are teaching international students at OU the Gospel by using the Gospel to help them improve their English-speaking skills.
  • Celebrate Recovery is literally changing the future of generations of families by using the Gospel of Christ to help people heal their hurts, habits, and hangups.
  • Many of our members are serving our sister congregation in OKC, the South Walker Church of Christ, where we provide missionary support through the Batistas.
  • The men’s ministry is ramping back up, with Monday night events that enhance community.
  • The women’s ministry is back at it with a slate of new activities and Bible studies.
  • Our young professionals group is growing in number and community thanks to the leadership efforts of several of the members of that group.
  • The Classics for Christ group continues to provide much-needed support and encouragement to one another and the rest of our church family.

This list could go on, and I’m sure that I have inadvertently left something out.

This list also doesn’t incorporate all the individual acts of service and ministry that are being done by Alameda members – and there are many of those!

But, hopefully, this snapshot reminds you that God is on the move at Alameda!

And, hopefully, it inspires you to get involved, if you are not already serving somewhere.

The Alameda Church of Christ is a wonderful church family and we invite you to be part of it, if you’re not already.

Join the excitement!

2 thoughts on “Excitement at Alameda

  1. Also our “Sewing Seeds Ministry “ is starting this week with an Open House this Sunday (Oct. 23). Please stop by to see the projects we are working on for the Ecuador mission trip.

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