At church on Sunday, I had some varied and interesting conversations with…

  • A man who is going through a major life transition and wanted me to pray for him
  • A boy I congratulated for turning 10 years old who replied, “Thanks. I’m more ornery than ever!”
  • A woman who is anxious about an upcoming surgery
  • A couple who is looking for a new house
  • Two couples who have exciting vacations that they are looking forward to
  • A man who told me that he had a “troubled soul”
  • A woman who is grieving the loss of her husband
  • A woman who is excited about a new ministry she’s helped start
  • A man who is on his 20th day of sobriety
  • A teacher who is exhausted
  • A man who is entertaining an exciting job opportunity
  • A teenager who wanted to know the wi-fi password (of course!)
  • A woman who wanted to tell me a joke
  • A man who recently had an emergency surgical procedure
  • And many more

This week, you’ll have conversations with co-workers, friends, neighbors, and family members that are just as varied as these. When you do…

Be present.

Be curious.

Be positive.

Be supportive.

Be encouraging.

Because these conversations are opportunities to connect with others, to minister to others, and to demonstrate love for others.

Conversations are a gift.

And gifts should be appreciated.

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