Are you being “nudged” by the Spirit?

My friend and coach, Sid Walker, recently lost his father, who was a very accomplished man of great faith in Christ. Sid wrote about this experience in a weekly message he emails out every Monday, and his message is a powerful reminder to pay attention to the “nudges” of the Holy Spirit.

Thanks for the lesson, Sid, and may God bring you peace and comfort in your season of mourning.


On Saturday morning, Oct 15th, I woke up dreaming that my dad had died. Nothing tragic and no details about his death, simply that he had passed and we were busy planning his memorial service, writing the obituary and those types of things. Dad had started an early Saturday morning men’s breakfast for friends of his who had also lost their wives, a breakfast club of widowers, if you will. Since I had him on Find A Phone, I first checked to see where he was and he was still at home in his apartment, at least that’s where his phone was. It was not uncommon for him to miss or arrive late, so I waited until after the breakfast usually ended before calling him. He did not answer, but then again that was not uncommon. My wife and I were headed out of town for a Camp Blue Haven fundraising dinner in Fort Worth, so we decided to stop and see him, even if only to say hello.

As had been my custom for almost 2 years, I knocked loudly before entering and spoke loudly, “Hey Dad, Good Morning!” But I knew something wasn’t right. No lights were on and he wasn’t in his recliner, so I stepped further inside and could see the light on in his bathroom. As I approached, I heard him moan and then saw him on the bathroom floor. We quickly called 911 and the EMT crew got him loaded and to the ER, where he spent the day. He was moved into CCU and eventually to assisted living under hospice care. Thankfully he was able to see family and a few friends, as well as spend his final days more comfortable, relaxed and even to die with dignity, which probably did more for us than for him.

But what if we had not stopped by to check on him?

His life would have very likely ended on the bathroom floor.

Call it a coincidence if you like, but I’m convinced it was a nudge by the Spirit. If you’re a believer, then you understand. But especially if you are Jesus person, hear this reminder to act and not ignore when you feel prompted. Without the dream that Dad had died, it is likely we would not have stopped to check on him. And I’m so glad we did! Yes the next 10 days were a grind, but they are now full of memories with family and friends of all the calls, texts, emails and now cards that are coming. 

When you feel called, nudged or prompted I’m telling you to act on it and make it happen. It could be any of the following:

  • The name of a friend pops in your head and you need to reach out to them
  • You see someone hurting who needs a hug or kind word
  • Ask your server at a restaurant, “We’re about to pray for our food, is there anything we can pray for you?”
  • You haven’t seen a neighbor in a while and are curious how they’re doing
  • You have a dream about someone you should check on

When you feel the Spirit’s nudge, take action, OK? I think you’ll be glad you did. I know I am.

One thought on “Are you being “nudged” by the Spirit?

  1. I have one friend who is caregiving for her husband with Alzheimer’s and another who recently lost her husband to a stroke. When I feel the need to send a card or text, I do. It is amazing how many times they tell me it came at JUST the right time! Thank you Spirit.

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