From Jim Martin

Lately, I have been thinking about one particular question:

Am I actually doing something about this (problem, concern, challenge) right now?

For example you may be thinking:

  • I really ought to do something about my finances. I am not sure where our money (home finances) is going.
  • I really need to start exercising. One day, I am going to get into shape.
  • I really need to start reading more. I just need to find the time.
  • There are some long-time friends I really need to check on. I’m really bad about keeping up with people. 

Some of us may go for years like this, never really doing anything about some of our challenges. Perhaps it would help to ask, “Am I doing something about this right now?” 

What if you were to simply start — even if it seems very, very small.

  • Regarding my finances: What if I began today simply logging all of my spending for the day? Yes, it may be small but it is a start.
  • Do I keep talking about my need for exercise? What if I were to start small? Maybe I could stretch – just for 10 minutes. What if I were to walk to the end of the block and back? 
  • What about reading? What if I were to set a timer and just read for 10 minutes today?
  • Are there long-time friends who I need to contact? What if I sent a text to two friends today, simply saying: “I have been thinking about you today. Just want to say hello. I have good memories of times together.”

Perhaps these suggestions do not sound like much. However, this is a start. You are actually doing something about this today. Make progress today and then deal with tomorrow. Far too often we complicate things and end up doing nothing.

Today — you and I can make progress!

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