20 Questions To Help You Reflect on 2022 and Get Ready for 2023

  1. What were the big moments, memories, and milestones from this year?
  2. What were my biggest wins and accomplishments of the year?
  3. What things do I look back on most fondly that brought me the most energy and joy?
  4. What things do I look back on less fondly that drained my energy? How can I do fewer of these things in 2023?
  5. How could I be a better: son/daughter, spouse, employee, leader, friend, follower of Christ?
  6. What am I most grateful for in 2022?
  7. What’s on my “best of” list for the year: books, events, podcasts, purchases, new habits?
  8. How did I grow as a person?
  9. How did I grow in my faith? What can I do in 2023 to keep growing?
  10. What were my biggest achievements in these areas: people, routines, priorities, beliefs?
  11. Where did I make mistakes or fall short in the areas listed in the previous question?
  12. What do I want to start doing in 2023? What do I want to stop doing in 2023? What do I want to continue doing in 2023?
  13. What are some things I could start doing today that would guarantee a horrible year in 2023? And how can I avoid those things?
  14. Where am I taking myself too seriously? And where am I making things harder than they need to be?
  15. How do I want to invest my resources of time, energy, attention, and capital in 2023?
  16. In what area of my life do I need more clarity?
  17. What did I learn about myself in 2022?
  18. What did I learn about God in 2022?
  19. Who can I share the good news of Jesus with in 2023? How will I do that?
  20. Where, and in what ways, can I serve my church family in 2023?

*some questions inspired by author Dickie Bush

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