Storms (A Prayer)

Dear Lord,

It was another anxious night here in the land of storms.

Most weathered the storm in tact.

Some did not.

Some in our church family and in our community are left picking up the pieces.

And a different kind of storm threatens.

A storm of fear.

A storm of worry.

A storm of anxiety.

A storm of disbelief over what has happened.

A storm of despair.

And the questions begin to swirl.

“What do we do now?”

“Where do we go?”

“What has been lost?”

“What can be recovered?”

Storms bring questions.

Storms bring doubts.

Storms make us feel vulnerable.

So, Lord, in your infinite grace and mercy, please calm these storms.

Calm the storm of fear.

Calm the storm of worry.

Calm the storm of anxiety.

Calm the storm of disbelief.

Calm the storm of despair.

Calm these storms.

And give us the strength to praise you in the storm.


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