“Keep It Between the Ditches”

Today marks 4 years since my Dad passed away, and I’d like to share one of the life lessons I learned from him.

I’m from rural Oklahoma, and when Dad was teaching me to drive, one of the pieces of advice he gave to me as we were going down a dirt road was, “Just keep it between the ditches.”

We both laughed when he said it, but I have applied that saying to my life in many ways.

For example…

For me, the Word and Moral Will of God became the “ditches” that govern the direction of my life.

Just like ditches on a dirt road, God’s Word and Will provide boundaries for living. If I “drive” within those boundaries, I find protection from harm and am provided a clear “lane” that makes the journey through life go smoother and better.

However, there have been times when I drifted outside the lines and found myself in a ditch.

But even in those times, the ditch let me know that I am not where I’m supposed to be or want to be.

So, in those times, I eventually turn the car (my life) around and get back on the right path (this is repentance).

“Keeping it between the ditches” has given me a deep connection with my Creator and King, a healthy and life-giving marriage, a joy-filled relationship with my daughter, a good reputation with others, a career of adding value to the lives of others, a missional mentality that allows me to be a conduit of God’s grace and peace, along with many other blessings.

Just like Dad.

Who knew that a driving lesson could be so profound?!

I think Dad did.

Thanks for the lesson, big fella!

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