What a Weekend!

This year’s annual Ray Evans Seminar at Alameda Church of Christ, which took place this past weekend, was an incredible and inspiring event!

We hosted renowned New Testament scholar Dr. Scot McKnight for a series of presentations and discussions related to his new book on Revelation called Revelation For the Rest of Us.

The event also included a conversation between Dr. McKnight and Dr. Sam Perry, a professor of sociology at the University of Oklahoma, on a wide range of topics related to faith and politics.

And to be honest with you, the weekend was so full of information and insights that I’m still processing it all – and probably will be for awhile.

But here’s what I know I will do, as a result of this weekend…

  1. I will put the gospels on repeat and make it the soundtrack of my life. In other words, I will be reading the gospels of Jesus over and over and over again as a way to stay focused on Jesus, learn from Jesus, and conform to the teachings of Jesus, thus protecting myself from the influences of “Babylon” on my life.
  2. I will be a witness of The Lamb by speaking up for the way of the Lamb.
  3. I will be more intentional about having substantive conversations with people about the ways in which the Word of God speaks to the “issues of the day.” I was so enriched by these types of conversations this weekend that I want more of it.
  4. I will see and use worship as an act of resistance to the “powers of Babylon.”
  5. I will declare – to myself – my allegiance to King Jesus daily in my prayers and I will demonstrate – to others – my allegiance to King Jesus daily through my lifestyle.

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