Preaching with the Cuz

Yesterday, I had the great pleasure of co-preaching with my cousin Randy Johns. We are preaching a series at Alameda Church of Christ called “Counter-Cultural Living” based on the New Testament letters of 1-2 Peter.

For the first time in 22 years, Randy and I are working together again on the same ministry staff – and it is as much fun now as it was back then.

Back then, I was in my mid-20s and still learning how to navigate the often choppy waters of full-time paid ministry. Those waters are still choppy, but I have learned to sail through them with purposeful intent, clear vision, and a grace-filled heart.

I’ve also learned to have some fun along the way and enjoy the ride.

And much of that is due to Randy’s influence.

I have had – and continue to have – some great mentors in my ministry career. But Randy’s is the number I have most often dialed.

To ask for advice.

To gain greater understanding of a biblical text.

To vent.

To get a better perspective.

To laugh.

And I am extremely grateful that I have been able to do that – and still get to!

But now, one of the things I am enjoying most is seeing Randy (and Loree) bless the church family I have served for 20 years in many of the same ways that he has blessed my life.

What about you?

Who has been a mentor in your life?

And how long has it been since you’ve said, “Thank you”?

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