An Update for Alameda Members

Hey Alameda family!

In this post, I want to give you an update on how things are going in my “other job” with the Oklahoma Department of Human Services. I have so appreciated the ongoing support and encouragement you have given me in my choice to go co-vocational that I feel that you deserve to be kept in the loop on what is happening with me.

You may remember that I chose to take a “secular” job in order to expand my ministry and mission field. Instead of expecting people to come to me, I wanted to go where the people are so that I would have more opportunities to shine the light of Christ, show the love of Christ, and share the hope-giving message of Christ.

For me, Alameda’s mission statement, “Make Jesus Known,” is not merely a slogan on a sign in the lobby – it is a way of life!

And that way of life is producing fruit!

About six months ago, I received a promotion at OKDHS to the role of Leadership Trainer & Workplace Coach. In this role, I work with teams throughout the entire state of Oklahoma on issues related to organizational leadership and provide leadership coaching to the supervisors, managers, and executives of Oklahoma’s largest state agency.

Coaching has increased the ministry opportunities I have with others because those conversations often end up addressing all aspects of a person’s life.

Here’s some of the testimonials that others have given about the coaching they have done with me:

  • “Each session, I left feeling excited about the potential to create a more positive work-place.”
  • “The input [from Rusty] is great and he provided the support I needed to grow.”
  • “Rusty is very thoughtful and considerate and listens very well.”
  • “Rusty is good at identifying what is important.”
  • “Rusty pushes me in the right direction to help me figure things out for myself.”
  • “With Rusty’s help I’ve been better able to recognize my successes and work on bettering myself.”
  • “Our discussion is blessing my life and generated some good thoughts. The people you coach are lucky to have you.”
  • “The knowledge I’ve gained from our coaching sessions has been monumental in helping me build my tool box and I’m forever grateful.”

It feels weird to type all these things about myself because I am not trying to brag; rather, I want you to see that God is blessing the leap of faith we all took as a congregation by allowing me to take on another job for the purpose of making Jesus known to others.

That purpose is being fulfilled because God is faithful and He blesses the efforts of His people who sincerely seek to glorify and honor Him.

So, thank you, Alameda, for supporting my efforts to live on mission for God.

And thank you, Alameda, for letting me continue to be your preacher.

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