Advancing the Runners

We're coming to the end of playoff season in Major League Baseball, and it's been another good one. So far, there's been one thing that has stood out to me above everything else, and it's something that we can all learn from - even if you're not a baseball fan.  So, hang with me and … Continue reading Advancing the Runners

A Change of Mindset

The congregation for whom I preach recently launched a 5-year vision that is designed to position us to be more effective witnesses of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  The most immediate piece of that plan is the renovation of our auditorium and the addition of another worship service time.  This move will "force" each of … Continue reading A Change of Mindset

The 7 “Secrets” of Celebrate Recovery

I continue to be amazed at how God is using our Celebrate Recovery ministry to impact the lives of people in our community and in our congregation. Recently, Rick Warren, pastor of Saddleback Community Church, where Celebrate Recovery began, wrote an article describing the features that make CR uniquely impactful.  I have posted the article … Continue reading The 7 “Secrets” of Celebrate Recovery

Love Your Neighbor – Even Online

Jesus said that the second greatest commandment is "love your neighbor as yourself."  At Alameda, we are encouraging each other to take those words of Jesus seriously; which is why we are launching several initiatives designed to help our members live intentionally  among their neighbors. But being a good neighbor nowadays also must include our … Continue reading Love Your Neighbor – Even Online

Do You Believe This?

At Alameda, we are slowly unfolding an initiative called "Make Jesus Known."  The goal of this initiative is to position our congregation to be proactive in faithfully and effectively sharing the gospel of Christ with our community and beyond. We're starting by equipping and empowering our members to build intentional relationships with their neighbors that … Continue reading Do You Believe This?

Making Jesus Known

On Sunday I shared with our congregation many of the ways we made Jesus known to our community in 2017. The list was extensive and impressive. It really is remarkable what God can do through a group of people who are committed to glorifying God by serving others in the name of Christ. One of … Continue reading Making Jesus Known