The Lord is My Shepherd

Here's the first sermon in the series on Psalms that I am doing this summer, along with some devotional questions that are designed to help people see more clearly how God has and is shepherding them...   Devotional Guide Preparation Read Psalm 23. Read Psalm 23 again and pay attention to words and phrases … Continue reading The Lord is My Shepherd

Moving Forward

This past weekend at Alameda Church of Christ was our annual Ray Evans Seminar with guest speaker Dr. Charles Rix, who is the Dean of the College of Biblical Studies at Oklahoma Christian University.  The theme was "The Old Testament Roots of Our Faith," and as Dr. Rix connected the dots between the Old and … Continue reading Moving Forward

The Discipling Lifestyle

Tonight I will be teaching a new session of our monthly D-School at Alameda Church of Christ to a small group of our members.  D-School is a 4-week discipleship training course that is designed to help followers of Christ become disciple-makers for Christ.  We started it at the end of last year and, so far, … Continue reading The Discipling Lifestyle

On Sabbatical

To my beloved Alameda church family, As you know, this year has been an exciting and intense season of activity for our church family.  This year we have effectively made several strategic changes to our church culture in order to become more intentionally focused on the Great Commission that Jesus gave his church to pursue. … Continue reading On Sabbatical