10 Rules of Respect

Yesterday, in his 2017 Global Leadership Summit opening talk, Bill Hybels listed out "10 Rules of Respect" that every leader ought to exhibit in his or her life.  As you read over the list do these three things: (1) evaluate yourself, (2) think through how you can implement these rules in your life and organization, … Continue reading 10 Rules of Respect

The Work Habits of a Leader

Next week is the Global Leadership Summit, which is an annual 2-day event that focuses on equipping leaders from all walks of life on how to increase their leadership impact and effectiveness.  As the Summit says, "Everyone gets better when the leader gets better." I've been attending the Summit for 10 years, and it has … Continue reading The Work Habits of a Leader

2015 Global Leadership Summit

I recently attended the 2015 Global Leadership Summit put on by Willow Creek Community Church and simulcast at Crossings Community Church in OKC.  I have been participating in this conference for years and highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in growing as a leader.  With the exception of two speakers, this year's faculty … Continue reading 2015 Global Leadership Summit