2015 Global Leadership Summit

I recently attended the 2015 Global Leadership Summit put on by Willow Creek Community Church and simulcast at Crossings Community Church in OKC.  I have been participating in this conference for years and highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in growing as a leader.  With the exception of two speakers, this year’s faculty was excellent and shared many practical insights that will aid my leadership development.  The major take-away for me this year was realizing that I need to increase my level of commitment in order to expand my leadership capacity.

As always, Jim Collins provided some of the best material of the conference.  He shared with us some things he learned during his two year teaching stint at West Point.  That experience helped him craft seven questions that leaders need to be asking themselves:

  1. What cause do you serve? – “If you have a charismatic cause you don’t have to be a charismatic leader.”
  2. Will you settle for being a good leader or will you grow to be a great leader?
  3. How can you reframe failure as growth in pursuit of a BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal)?
  4. How can you succeed by helping others succeed?
  5. Have you found your personal Hedgehog (passion+what you’re made for+economic engine=hedgehog)?
  6. Will you build your unit into a pocket of greatness? – “Focus on your unit of responsibility not your career.”
  7. How will you change the lives of others?

Answering these questions will sharpen the focus of anyone’s leadership, regardless of what field he or she is in.  They also remind us leaders that true success is found in helping others succeed.

The other sessions of the Summit covered these topics: the intangibles of leadership, creating a culture of creativity and candor, giving as a new perspective of leadership, emotional health, feedback, resilience, lifelong learning, and expanding one’s capacity as a leader.

Bill Hybels, who founded the Summit, once said, “Everyone wins when a leader gets better.”  I wholeheartedly believe that, which is why I encourage you to attend next year’s GLS on August 11-12, 2016.  An investment in yourself will have a positive impact on those you serve and lead.  You can register here: http://www.willowcreek.com/events/leadership/locations.asp

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