Resources for Christian Growth

My friend Matthew Dowling has recently launched two great podcasts that are designed to help people grow in their knowledge of God and God's Word and in their understanding of the Christian worldview.  Matthew is a brilliant Bible student and a deep thinker who has a sincere love for the Lord and the Lord's church. … Continue reading Resources for Christian Growth

12 Ways to Watch Your Words

My friend Matthew Dowling maintains an excellent blog that you should read if you're interested in growing in your knowledge of the Bible. Yesterday, he posted about a very important topic for Christians today who wish to be faithful witnesses of Jesus Christ. Here's his post... The headlines are ever full of the consequences of … Continue reading 12 Ways to Watch Your Words

Five on Friday

This week's "Five on Friday" consists of links to five recent blog posts that are worth your time to read... Are You a Pilot or a Passenger in Your Own Life? by Michael Hyatt Be Transformed in Mind by Matthew Dowling Voting in a Two-Party System: Ten Other Questions to Ask by Kevin DeYoung The 2018 Christian Reading … Continue reading Five on Friday

Five on Friday

This week's "Five on Friday" are five resources I came across during my week off from blogging.  I hope you enjoy... On the Existence of Extra-Terrestrial Life In this blog post Ron Highfield, Professor of Religion at Pepperdine University, asks the following question: Should believers worry that extra-terrestrial life really exists? Since many people online … Continue reading Five on Friday