Resources for Christian Growth

My friend Matthew Dowling has recently launched two great podcasts that are designed to help people grow in their knowledge of God and God’s Word and in their understanding of the Christian worldview.  Matthew is a brilliant Bible student and a deep thinker who has a sincere love for the Lord and the Lord’s church.  I am so grateful that Matthew has devoted his many, many talents to building up the Kingdom of God by ministering to the church.  If you are interested in exploring theology and thinking more deeply about world events and how those events intersect with Christianity, then please give these two resources a try.

The PreacherCast

This podcast is a weekly discussion of matters relating to Christianity, the Church, and life in Christ. The podcast host, Matthew Dowling, is a former Marine and one-time evolutionary biologist and agnostic who was called by the grace of God to become a Christian and preaching minister. He is broadly interested in Systematic Theology, Reformation and Post-Reformation Church History, Christian Apologetics, and Creation Science. He is a preaching minister in Plymouth, Michigan. He has served churches in Oklahoma, New Jersey, and Michigan.

Strengthened by Grace

This podcast is a Christ-centered podcast with teaching that stresses the importance of having a personal, experiential, Spirit-worked knowledge of Christ, and by extension, all the great truths of Scripture. Strengthened by Grace Ministries is the apologetics and teaching ministry of Matthew Dowling, a Christian minister in Michigan.

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