Five on Friday

Here are my 5 recommendations for this Friday…


This is the latest publication from my favorite professor in grad school, Dr. Glenn Pemberton.  Dr. Pemberton has a gift for making the text of the Old Testament come alive, and he does that in this book.  Even though it is written in a textbook style, the book is completely accessible for any person who wishes to increase his or her understanding of the story of God in the OT.



My friend and fellow St. Louis Cardinals fan Terry Rush always has an encouraging thought on his blog.


If you’re interested in productivity and intentional leadership, Michael Hyatt’s podcast is probably the best available.


Here’s one from a “kid” who used to be in my youth group when I was a Youth Minister at the Westwood Church of Christ in Edmond, OK.  I’m proud of his success, but even more proud of the kind of man, husband, and father he has grown up to be.


“Our job is to love others without stopping to inquire whether or not they are worthy.” – Henri Nouwen

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