Transformed (A Sermon Series)

On Sunday I will kick off a brand new sermon series called “Transformed.” The purpose of the series is to examine the attributes of a person whose life has been transformed by the gospel of Jesus Christ. In doing so, my prayer is that all who hear this series will be challenged and inspired to actively pursue and display the transformation of character that is inherent to the call of Christ.

Here are the topics we’ll discuss:

April 23 – God’s Will for You

April 30 – Your View of the World

May 14 – Seeking God’s Direction

May 21 – Worship (with Lee Langdon)

May 28 – Bible (with Ben Mereness of Eastern European Mission)

June 4 – Live in Community (Payton Minzenmayer)

June 11 – How to Build Healthy Relationships (with Payton Minzenmayer)

June 18 – What Does the Lord Require of You?

June 25 – Overflowing Gratitude (Payton Minzenmayer)

July 2 – A Passion for Reconciliation (with Payton Minzenmayer)

July 9 – Sharing the Faith (with Payton Minzenmayer)

To prepare your heart and mind for this series, take a few minutes to watch the lyric video posted below of Cloverton’s “God Help Me to Be” and think about the ways in which Christ has transformed your life and about the ways in which you want Christ to transform your life. After that, spend a few minutes in prayer thanking God for the transformation that has already occurred in your life and asking God to transform you in  other areas of your life as well.

I hope you can join us for this series in person or online.

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