Before Sunday…

This coming Sunday our congregation will start meeting in two worship services at 8:30 and 10:45 a.m.  Here are 12 things every Alameda member needs to know before Sunday… All doors will be open and classes will meet in their usual places. The only part of our building that will not be in use this […]

What Transition Do You Need to Make?

The congregation for whom I preach, Alameda Church of Christ, is going through a season of transition within our leadership team.  These transitions are not the result of anything bad happening; rather, they simply represent the natural life cycle of any organization.  Therefore, our leaders are intently looking for the opportunities within this challenge, and […]

Transition is a Time for Transformation

The following is a note that appeared in Alameda’s weekly bulletin yesterday, written by Keith Lough, one of our church’s Elders: Lynn Cowell wrote, “Sometimes God brings times of transition to create transformation.” Over the years Alameda has endured many transitions: births and deaths, changes in ministry staff and eldership, move-ins and move-outs.  Each event […]