Five on Friday

Here are my 5 recommendations for this week’s edition of “Five on Friday”…

Blog Post

Alameda’s Connections Minister, Payton Minzenmayer, recently finished his first year of full-time ministry.  He has written an “open letter” to other young ministers that is well worth your time to read.  Even if you’re not in ministry, this article will give you some good insight into the life of a minister.


Blog Series

Jonathon Storment is writing an important series of blog posts on the impact that pornography is having on our culture.  Here’s his most recent article.  From there, you can navigate your way to the other articles in the series.




I have really enjoyed reading through the ESV Reader’s Bible.  It provides a different reading experience, as there is no chapter or verse divisions.  So, it reads like a unified story which, of course, is what the Bible is.  The full six-volume set is a little expensive, so if you are interested in “getting your feet wet” with this kind of Bible reading experience, you might start with either the gospels or the letters of Paul.




This song by Maren Morris (featuring Vince Gill) provides a poignant reflection on the current state of affairs in the world today.



With the Los Angeles Dodgers playing in the National League Championship Series, I can’t help but think of this NLCS classic moment from 1985 (and yes, I’m a Cardinals fan!).

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