What Do You Believe?

The other day, as I was looking for something to watch, I came across the classic movie “Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade.”  I hadn’t seen it in years, so I decided to take a trip down memory lane – and it was as good as I remember it!

A crucial scene in the movie is when the bad guy shoots Indy’s father in the stomach in order to motivate Indy to get the Holy Grail for him.  As he sends Indy into a dangerous labyrinth, the bad guy says…


“It’s time to ask yourself what you believe.”

While we’re not living in an Indiana Jones movie, it sure feels like it, doesn’t it?

And, maybe, in the midst of this pandemic it’s time to ask ourselves what we believe and what we really believe in.

Right now, all the worldly sources of identity, value, and worth – money, jobs, titles, positions, possessions, etc. –  are falling apart.  And all of our secular idols are not bringing us the comfort and security that we want and need.

And this ought to tell us something.

It ought to teach us that all things attached to this world are temporal, which means that they can be taken away and even disappear in the blink of an eye.

It ought to teach us that secularism cannot – and has never been able to – answer life’s deepest questions or provide lasting meaning or secure us with an unshakeable identity that affirms our worth and value.

It ought to teach us how frail we are and how little control we have over the events of our lives.

It ought to cause us to pause long enough and ask, “What do I truly believe?” and “Have I believed in the right things?”

It ought to turn our hearts to God.









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