5 Ways to Pray Without Ceasing

Periodically, I do a "5 on Friday" post where I share five things that might be of interest to you.  This week's "5" comes from Chuck Lawless and is based on this Bible verse: "pray without ceasing"  (1 Thessalonians 5:17) Here are 5 ways to put that verse into action... Pray morning, noon, and night. … Continue reading 5 Ways to Pray Without Ceasing

My “Nehemiah Prayer” for Alameda

As I recently mentioned on this blog, I am reading through the Old Testament book of Nehemiah as a way of helping me be the godly leader my church family needs me to be during our season of transitioning in some new congregational leaders. I was so inspired by Nehemiah's prayer in Nehemiah 1 that … Continue reading My “Nehemiah Prayer” for Alameda

5 Elements of a Godly Leader’s Prayers (Five on Friday)

This week's "Five on Friday" continues my observations from Nehemiah 1 that I first wrote about on Wednesday. Here are 5 elements of a godly leader's prayers... An Acknowledgement of the One, True God Nehemiah addresses his prayer to "God of heaven" in verse 5.  That phrase was frequently used in Nehemiah's time by the … Continue reading 5 Elements of a Godly Leader’s Prayers (Five on Friday)