Revival: A Prayer (Inspired by Psalm 85)

Every day at 3:20 p.m. I get a reminder on my phone that tells me it’s time to stop what I’m doing and pray for the Alameda Church of Christ, the wonderful church family to which I belong.  I’ve been wanting to go deeper in these prayers so I have started to write a prayer that corresponds to the different seasons of life that churches go through.  Right now, I feel that our church is on the verge of a season of spiritual revival, so that is the focus of my current prayer.  If you’re a member at Alameda, would you pray this prayer with me for the next few months?  If you’re not a member at Alameda, would you pray this prayer for us and for your church family?

Here’s my prayer…

My dear Heavenly Father,

I’m thinking about the Israelites who, in Psalm 85, asked, “Will you not revive us again, that your people may rejoice in you?”

What kind of revival were they wanting to experience?

What were they wanting to see from you?

Why were they in need of revival?

And why did it need to come from you?

I think I know the answer to those questions, for I want the same thing for the same reason.

Like the Israelites, I want to see your greatness and I want to experience your glory.  I want to be awed by you and I want to see things that can only be done by you.  I want these things because, like the Israelites, I often forget how mighty you are.  I often forget how much I need you.  And I often forget that, like the Israelites, it is my sin and selfishness that keeps me from recognizing your powerful presence.

So, Lord, I too pray for revival.

Revive me, again, so that I may rejoice in you.

Revive my love for you.

Revive my awe of you.

Revive my gratitude for you.

Revive my desire for you.

And, Lord, not just for me, but I pray this for my beloved church family.

Revive our appreciation of the gospel so that we can be “good news” in our community.

Revive our worship so that our passion for you will be rekindled.

Revive our joy so that we can celebrate your goodness.

Revive our compassion for our neighbors so that we will serve them with acts of mercy.

Revive our concern for the spiritually lost so that we will be inspired to share the gospel of Jesus Christ that brings salvation with them.

Revive our burden for the broken so that we can be agents of your healing.

As the Israelites proclaimed in Psalm 85, “The Lord will indeed give what is good, and our land will yield its harvest,” so I proclaim now.

Revive us, Lord, and reap your harvest through us, for your glory.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.



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