10 Things Every Alameda Member Needs to Know

Hey Alameda folks!  I love how active our church family is, but what I love even more is that all that activity is connected to our mission of developing committed followers of Jesus Christ.  In other words, the aim of our activity is to glorify Christ and not ourselves.  Here are 10 things happening now and in the near future that every Alameda member needs to know about:

  1. New Adult Bible Studies (ABS) start this Sunday morning.  Our Sunday morning Bible classes provide a great opportunity to enhance your understanding of God’s Word while also building spiritual friendships with other Christ-followers.  Join us on Sundays at 9 a.m. and invite a friend to come with you!
  2. The Summit Youth Ministry is raising money for mosquito nets in Uganda.  Our youth group is partnering with the Dr. B Clinic in Uganda to provide life-saving mosquito netting to those in need.  Their goal is to raise $3,000 to purchase 300 nets to protect Ugandans from malaria-carrying mosquitos.  If you want to help, talk to a youth group member or Lee Langdon.
  3. The Sooners For Christ campus ministry is preparing for their annual spring break mission trip.  This year they are going to Grand Rapids, Michigan to help Bill & Lori Pink’s new church family with some outreach projects.  Pray for their safety and success.
  4. Leadership Training for Christ (LTC) is March 25-27.  LTC provides opportunities for elementary-high school students to develop and direct their talents to the work of the church.  Thank you to all of our LTC coaches/volunteers who are working with these great students.
  5. Easter Sunday is March 27th.  Our celebration will consist of a breakfast fellowship starting at 8:45 a.m. and a dynamic worship service at 10 a.m.  This is a great time to invite a friend to attend church with you, so take advantage of it!
  6. “Sticky Faith” parenting class starts Wednesday March 30th.  For 5 weeks, our Children’s and Youth ministries will lead parents through a discussion on how they can help the Christian faith “stick” with their kids.  This is a “must-see” event for every Alameda parent.
  7. Alameda’s annual Ray Evans Seminar is coming April 8-10.  Our guest speaker will be Dr. Evertt Huffard, Dean and Professor at Harding School of Theology.  Dr. Huffard is a former missionary in Nazareth (yes, that Nazareth) and has a Ph.D. in Inter-Cultural Studies.  He will cover the following topics: The Welcoming Church in a Diverse World, What Christians Struggle to Understand about Islam, What Muslims Struggle to Understand about Christianity, The Multicultural Church in Acts, and Declaring His Glory Among the Nations (Psalm 96).
  8. Missions Sunday will be April 17th.  On that day, we will take up a special contribution that will help fund our mission efforts.  This is always an exciting day that reminds us of the incredible things that God can do and is doing through our congregation.
  9. Celebrate Recovery is on-track to be launched this summer.  Right now, our future group leaders are continuing their training so that they will be ready to lead those God sends to us through a gospel-centered recovery program that is designed to help people overcome the hurts, habits, and hang-ups that are keeping them from walking in the way of Christ.
  10. Have you noticed all the baptisms and new members at Alameda in the last few months?  It’s just plain awesome!

Now that you know – spread the word!

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