The Six E’s of Discipleship

This past Sunday in my sermon I referenced Alameda’s “Six E’s” of discipleship.  These “Six E’s” are spiritual habits and practices that help people develop into committed followers of Jesus Christ.  They do this in two ways: first, by creating space for the Holy Spirit to shape our will and transform our character in a way that reflects the will and character of Christ; and second, by increasing our love for God, which in turn governs our behavior and choices.

The “Six E’s” can be observed in the life of the early church in the New Testament.  These are the lifestyle habits that we see those early Christians practicing on a consistent basis.  If you want to grow in your walk with Christ, then find a way to intentionally build the following six practices into your schedule so that they eventually become the habits that keep your life centered on your identity in Christ:

Exalt God in worship and giving.

Encounter God in prayer and through His Word.

Encourage one another in fellowship.

Edify others through acts of service.

Equip others through teaching.

Evangelize our community and world through proclamation and missions.

In many ways we are the products of our habits, so at the Alameda Church of Christ we help people incorporate these spiritual habits into their lives by consistently challenging them to do so, by providing opportunities for them to be involved in the “Six E’s”, and by providing practical steps for how to make the “Six E’s” part of their lifestyle.

Being a committed follower of Jesus Christ does not happen by accident.  It is the result of intentionality – of deciding what you want to pursue with your life and then building your life around that pursuit.  That’s what the “Six E’s” are all about for us at Alameda.

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