From Here to There

At Alameda, our goal in 2017 is to help each other become more engaged in the life of our congregation and more engaged in the mission that Jesus Christ has given to all his followers.  We want to help each other go from wherever we are in our walk with Christ to where God wants us to be – from “here” to “there.”

Now, we don’t go “from here to there” in one giant leap; we get there through a series of next steps that create a bridge “from here to there.”


So, what “next step” do you need to take in your journey with Christ?

Maybe your next step is to join Celebrate Recovery so that you can finally overcome that hurt, habit, or hangup that’s keeping you from experiencing the healing of Christ you desperately crave.

Maybe your next step is to attend The Journey class on Sunday mornings at 9 a.m. to learn more about what it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ.

Maybe your next step is to get involved in one of our congregation’s many ministries.

Maybe your next step is to attend worship service more regularly and consistently.

Maybe your next step is to read the Bible daily.

Whatever your next step is, I encourage you to take it, knowing that you have a church family at Alameda that is rooting for you, supporting you, and here to help you.

If you didn’t hear the sermon on Sunday explaining why you need to be on the journey “from here to there,” please take a few minutes to watch it…

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