A New Era Begins!


Yesterday was a momentous occasion for the Alameda Church of Christ as we moved into our renovated auditorium and into a new era of our church’s history – an era that we hope will be marked by greater faithfulness to the Great Commission, greater discipleship, and greater evangelism that will bring more and more people to Christ.

This renovation was just one piece of a 5-year vision that is designed to put us in a position to make Jesus known to others with greater intentionality and effectiveness.  And none of it would be happening without the courageous leadership of Alameda’s elders.  Here are my remarks to the elders that I gave on Sunday:

I especially want to thank the Alameda elders, whose vision and courageous leadership made this possible.  Elders, thank you for your trustworthy stewardship of our resources.  Thank you for your belief in this church to do big things for God’s Kingdom.  Thank you for seeking God’s will through prayer.  Thank you for having the courage to follow God’s leading wherever it takes you and for staying true to his will for this church family, even in the face of criticism.  Thank you for not being content with simply being a good church and for pushing us to be a Great Commission church.  Thank you for not settling.  Thank you for keeping your eye on a bigger picture than what we sometimes see.  Thank you for having a growth mindset and for teaching us to expect God to grow his church.  Thank you for you loving Jesus so much that you want to make him known to as many people as possible.  Elders, your passion for the Lord’s church inspires us.  You are always there for us and you are always sacrificing for us, and while we don’t say it as often as we should, we love you and we appreciate you.

I am so blessed to serve my church family alongside an incredible eldership who aren’t afraid to dream and who refuse to settle for the status quo.  They understand the urgency of the church’s mission to make Jesus known to others and they are willing to do what they can to spread the message and hope of Christ to everyone in our community.

If you’re a member at Alameda, please make the effort to express your gratitude for all that our elders do for us.

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