The Lord is My Shepherd

Here's the first sermon in the series on Psalms that I am doing this summer, along with some devotional questions that are designed to help people see more clearly how God has and is shepherding them...   Devotional Guide Preparation Read Psalm 23. Read Psalm 23 again and pay attention to words and phrases … Continue reading The Lord is My Shepherd

10 Defining Characteristics of Missions

Yesterday, we at Alameda celebrated how God is using us to spread His Word through mission work at home and abroad.  By partnering with some amazing missionaries and health organizations, we are taking the grace and gospel of Christ to Bolivia, Uganda, Austria, Ecuador, and New Zealand.  We help support Great Cities Mission and tutor … Continue reading 10 Defining Characteristics of Missions

Resources for “The 4 Big Questions of Life”

Today, I started a "spin-off" series of our journey through the Gospel According to Luke called "The 4 Big Questions of Life." There are some questions that are so important, so profound, and so big that every person asks them and every person yearns for them to be answered. Philosophers say that there are four … Continue reading Resources for “The 4 Big Questions of Life”

Why Your Neighbor Needs the Gospel

At Alameda, we are focusing on becoming a church that is actively making Jesus known throughout the world, starting with our own neighbors.  Last Sunday I preached a sermon called "Why Our Neighbors Need the Gospel" and gave these five reasons... Like us, our neighbors have a sin problem that only Jesus can solve. Like … Continue reading Why Your Neighbor Needs the Gospel

“Let the little children come to me…”

  Luke 18:16 tells us that Jesus called children to him and said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these."  This was an incredible statement by Jesus because he was bestowing value on a group of people - children - … Continue reading “Let the little children come to me…”

How to Have Healthy Relationships

Yesterday, I was honored to co-preach with Alameda's Connections Minister, Payton Minzenmayer.  Our sermon was part of a current sermon series called "Transformed," in which we are looking at the various characteristics of a person whose life has been transformed by Jesus Christ.  You can view or listen to those sermons here. One aspect of … Continue reading How to Have Healthy Relationships

A Powerful Example of Christian Perseverance

On Palm Sunday 2017, ISIS terrorists killed 47 Coptic Christians in Egypt. Intended to crush the spirit of Christians in that part of the world, the attack had the exact opposite effect. This message from a Coptic priest is a powerful example of the kind of perseverance Christ produces. Glory be to God!

Transformed (A Sermon Series)

On Sunday I will kick off a brand new sermon series called "Transformed." The purpose of the series is to examine the attributes of a person whose life has been transformed by the gospel of Jesus Christ. In doing so, my prayer is that all who hear this series will be challenged and inspired to … Continue reading Transformed (A Sermon Series)